Friday, June 17, 2016

Surfing the Dimensional Shift

You may have noticed a change around you. For some it is very subtle, for others it is very apparent. Either way, it is happening and creating anxiety or excitement, depending on how you choose to view it. Being aware of this energetic is essential to thriving through it.

Basically an ancient dimensional doorway has just opened and we are dealing with things that we haven't seen on this plane in millennium. It is affecting all the sensitives in a variety of ways, many in very subtle ways. But this can have big effects on the mentally ill and we need to become hyper sensitive to our own intuitive natures in order to navigate this shift safely. 

Feeling the Shift:

Anger can be sudden and explosive. Be AWARE as this may come from you or towards you.
Cleansing the Past ~  Repeat of old issues at a deeper level. This gives you the opportunity to respond more lovingly, to grow and expand past these issues.
Communication is key. Communication with Self and others including your Spirit and guides.
Awareness and heightening our discernment to outside influence using Psychic Self Defense.
Intensified emotions
Increased physical symptoms
This is about learning to consistently CHOOSE our path 

These energies that are hanging out are very difficult to pinpoint. They are ancient and may be seen as evil, or they can be viewed as potent transformational beings. The thing is that they pinpoint your weaknesses, find the cracks in your armor and utilize that to shift your energetic for good or for ill. The key is to realize when it is happening and CHOOSE how to move with the energy.  Once discovered these energetics/entities will back off or hide.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Psychic Self-Defense

There are several ways to approach psychic self-defense. You may choose to shield, transmute, reverse, absorb, increase your strength or some combination of these methods. These can be done by purely energetic means or using tools, like crystals, talismans etc.

Shielding is the most common form of defense.  Simply avoiding contact with the negative person or choosing not to ‘take things personally’ can be seen as shielding.  Other forms of shielding can be done using crystals and gemstones, as well as strengthening the aura with meditation or through visualization. One of the issues with shielding that people don’t recognize is the fact that when we shield ourselves we also limit ourselves.

I find crystals and gemstones to be very effective in shielding especially when it comes to shielding or deflecting negative ambient energy.  My favorite gemstone to use is peridot because it creates a powerful white light shield that nothing can penetrate.  It can be used to hide you from entities.  Peridot is also a powerful tool to combat depression.  It is a stone of sunshine and very uplifting.

The problem with Peridot is that it’s shielding capability is so powerful that blocks everything, even positive energy.  Peridot also traps our energy in the shield with us so when we need to release energy or we want to do something like balance our chakkras we cannot do so.  Why would this be an issue?  Because oftentimes when we wear gemstones like this we forget to take them out of our immediate area so that we can release or pull energy when needed.  This type of gemstone also needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.

A better choice may be ruby.  Ruby also puts a powerful white light shield around you, however with ruby the shield is permeable.  This means that energy can flow through it.  You need it to program ruby so that positive energy or energy directed by you can flow through the shield.  This allows you to release energy, and pull positive energy or receive positive energy while remaining shielded.  The drawback with ruby is that it does not hide you, although this is not usually an issue unless you’re dealing with powerful negative entities.

Another form of shielding is placing yourself in a white light bubble, you generally do this through visualization or meditation.  I prefer to use the white light meditation to pull energy to through me and then have the energy ball descended to encompass me and my aura.  There are many ways to create the white light energy bubble.  

Shielding encompasses several other forms of self-defense including transmutation and reversals as well as absorption and increased strength.  Transmutation is when we take the negative energy around us or directed towards us and change it into positive energy.  This cannot be done with all energy, just a certain level of energy. 

Gemstones like amethyst, citrine and ametrine are perfect for transmuting negative energy.  Amethyst is known as the stone of meditation.  It has a very high vibration and effects whenever is around it.  Amethyst is actually used to clear other stones, jewelery and enhance water.  Citrine can clear an area 6 feet in diameter.  Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone for its abundance drawing ability.  It can also be used to clear other stones and works well with Peridot.  Ametrine is a stone comprised of amethyst and citrine, so it has the properties of both.

Certain incense and scented oils are good for transmuting energy.  I personally recommend the scent of a rose as a clarifying agent.  Rose is one of the highest vibration or properties on the planet at this time.  I use rose to clear rooms, loosen entities, and for protection.  I carry rose water with me everywhere and use it before and after most of my sessions.  You can also use rose incense or aromatherapy oils.

Smudging with sage is also effective for lifting the vibration of a room by transmuting negative energy and loosening any unwanted attachments.  You can smudge with various incense including rose, sandalwood or cedar also.  The act of smudging is using smoke of a particular sent to perform a clearing or other energy work.  Many people are familiar with smudging as a Native American process.
You can also set the intention of your white light bubble to transmute any energy being directed toward you to positive energy.  I will go over that more in-depth when I describe the exercise at the end of the book.

A more proactive form of self-defense is reversals.  A reversal should only be used in the case of a directed psychic attack.  A reversal is when we take an energy that is being directed towards us and direct it back to the person or being sending it.  There are passive and active reversals.  A passive reversal happens when you wear a gemstone or crystal that naturally reverses negative energy away from you.  Hematite, lapis lazuli and tiger iron are quite effective for this.  An active reversal is when you program a gemstone, your energy bubble or some other means to redirect energy back to its source.  The use of the iron is very common in reversal spells. 

You can set the intention of your white light bubble to reverse any negative energy back to its source.  You can also bless candles in such a way that they reverse energy.  Personally, I prefer using a white candle to burn off any negative energy being sent towards me.  I only recommend using reversals if the person is persistent even after you've done a clearing.  A reversal will let the person know that you're not accepting their negative energy.

Some objects, crystals and gemstones, actually absorb negativity so that it does not affect you.  Black gem stones tend to energy.  Gemstones such as black onyx, smoky quartz and obsidian are very good for thwarting negative energy.  These gemstones need to be cleared it often.  Once they have taken in all the energy they can they will either crack or spit back out at you.  This is true for all gemstones whether they are used to deflect, reverse or absorb energy.

Your other option in psychic self-defense is to increase your energy and battened down the hatches.  This requires setting an intention and having a regular practice of clearing, polishing and repairing your aura.  There are ways to do this quickly.  Using the white light meditation is one.  Another way to increase to your strength and the strength of your aura is to wear copper.  Copper helps with your overall energetic flow.

The scent of sandalwood will draw positive energy into your area.  Sandalwood raises the vibration of an area and makes it inviting to positive energy and entities like angels.  When worn, sandalwood helps to strengthen your aura.  It is one of my favorite scents and I associated with Angel Gabriel my primary guide.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Feeling Angry? What to do with all that energy

Recently I have noticed an Undercurrent of anger and angst. It sits there with us throughout the day, sometimes barely beneath the surface. Our anger and angst is there to prompt us to action. The confusion comes when we are unsure of what action we are being guided towards.

When we remain conscious of this undercurrent of emotion we can choose our action instead of responding with a knee jerk reaction. We can also choose to acknowledge the impersonal nature of the emotions. When we don’t handle this energy in this way we tend to assign blame to someone or something outside ourselves. Maybe instead of asking ‘Why do I feel angry, anxious, sad?’ pose the question as ‘What is this emotion all about?’ or ‘What is this emotion trying to show me?’. When we ask Why our psyches and the Universe conspire to support our belief. We will be given the answer to our question. These answers are valid on some level, but not useful. It is our decision whether to become lost in the rabbit hole of downward spiraling thought processes, or to release the core issue.

Let’s collectively and individually make the decision not to FEED this emotion. When we feed it by finding reasons to justify the way we are feeling, we merely strengthen and solidify the experience in our energetic field. We can be aware of the emotions without feeding them. Like a stray cat the anger may still be in the neighborhood, but it will no longer be yowling at your front door. You want to find its rightful place and return it, not adopt it.

When I say not to feed the angst, I am not advocating stuffing your emotions and ignoring it. But rather to acknowledge its impersonal nature by letting it be impersonal, by not assigning blame or giving it direction. These types of emotional reactions can be pivotal in your spiritual growth.

What is this emotion trying to show you? Remember: It is NOT personal. So you may think that it is about your argument with your boss, or something similarly specific, but it is not. That may just be the trigger, the indicator that there is something deeper, bigger that requires your attention. Is this energy reflected elsewhere, like a theme running through your life at the moment? Maybe it isn’t really about your boss; maybe the issue is value and respect. Do others value and respect you? Since the outer is a reflection of the inner; Do you value and respect yourself? Are you true to yourself? Are you living an authentic life, being and authentic version of you?

I feel that this undercurrent of angst is a global call for authenticity. A wake up call for all of us to awaken to who we are and who we are meant to be; Awaken to the tapestry of the Universe, God, the All That Is. We are pieces in a puzzle, threads in a tapestry, equally important, equally responsible.

It is not about continuing to feed the angst and anger, negativity and frustration, but breaking through it. Rising about it to discover…you, the authentic, whole being of you.

Who are you really? Not the roles that you play or masks that you wear, not your job, or your past, or your hometown. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish? It is time to climb out of the box you put yourself in and show us who you are at your core! 


Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Are YOU throwing Pearls Before Swine?

Matthew 7:6
Amplified Bible (AMP)
Do not give that which is holy (the sacred thing) to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before hogs, lest they trample upon them with their feet and turn and tear you in pieces.
For the past several months while dealing with a plethora of difficulties the lesson of ‘do not throw pearls before swine’ has been painfully brought to my attention.  Apparently this is a common theme right now as we are pushed to look of things as they are vs. what we hope them to be.
The current energetic pushes us to take off the rose colored glasses and deal with reality.  For most of us this means making a choice; do we continue to place our energy where there is no return on investment?  Everyone experiences this at some point in their lives with friends, lovers and family members.  We try our best to be supportive, lighten the load and create opportunities for loved ones only to be met with resistance, ungratefulness and sometimes even hostility and resentment.
This is the dynamic of which Jesus the Christ spoke in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7:6
Do not give that which is holy (the sacred thing) to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before hogs, lest they trample upon them with their feet and turn and tear you in pieces.
This leaves as confused and often upset, so we become more expansive, more compassionate, more loving only to be accused of being just the opposite.  We pour more of ourselves, our time and our energy into this person or situation only to be left drained and thankless.
The lesson here is to take these people or the situation at face value.  To recognize when we’re throwing pearls before swine.  I do not say a swine as a derogatory term, but rather as an example of where the person’s consciousness is at that time.
But what does that really mean?  The pearls that we throw are things of value to us; our time, efforts and love.  We are warned that the swine will trample these things in disregard.  Is this meant to hurt us?  Generally know, because they do not place value where we place value.  They are not in a place to accept or utilize our gifts.  We have all but in that place, where someone tries to help us and we’re not ready to move.  We have resistance to change and each of us needs to come to it in our own time.
However we also warned that in giving our most precious gifts to those incapable or unready or simply not willing to accept them that we then become targets of that frustration.  We have expended the best of us and thus depleted or energy, are supply, in whatever form that takes, leaving us weakened and vulnerable.  Thus we are rent and torn.
Especially in this time of major energetic shifts we need to ensure our pearls are thoughtfully exchanged.  This is a primary element of self-care.
This is not to say we only give what we can get back.  For instance, you may know someone who seems to need help.  If you help them this may go a variety of ways.  They may accept your help and seem very grateful, but continue to wallow in their situation and continue needing the same help.  If this is so, set your boundaries and do not become embroiled in their story.  Simply trying to solve their problem for them accomplishes nothing for anyone involved.  You need to accept after helping them that they are choosing their situation.  Maybe they are not ready for change no matter what you think of their potential.
In another scenario they may even resent your help.  Their low self-esteem and sense of being undeserving may cause them to become hostile towards you. 
Or they may accept your help and make a positive life change with your assistance, when this happens the energy continues in a positive tract and expands to affect others in a positive way.

The difference between sharing a pearl with someone who appreciates it and throwing your pearls before swine is that in helping someone who appreciates it you become stronger and they become stronger, however when you throw your pearls before swine you’re wasting your efforts. Everyone deserves a chance, everyone deserves a helping hand, but once that hand is slapped, you need to pull your hand away and not continue trying to help someone who does not want or appreciate your help.  Put your energy where it is most useful.

Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Time to Clear the Clutter

Spring Cleaning

Now is a time to go through our houses [inner and outer] and get rid of clutter. Now more than ever we need to release that which no longer serves us or it will drag us down, painfully. Tensions are running high and it’s not the best time to engage in pointless combat. Is it ever a good time to waste our precious time on these things? Choose your battles and your concerns.

Things are being brought to our attention now so that we can proactively go through this process. It is time to acknowledge both how far we’ve come and what is still in need of attention:

-Where are we still wounded? 
- What are we grasping on to that no longer serves a purpose? 
-Who are we holding back and who is holding us back from something greater because of long ago promises that are no longer relevant? 
-Where do we have a foot, or other piece of ourselves, stuck in the past? 
-What ideas, dreams, relationships and projects do we need to let go of?

Now is the time to be preemptive about our energy fields. We need to fortify ourselves with our intention. Be clear and focus on the energy that supports you; Doing the opposite will drag you down quickly. As long as we are aware of this energetic pull we can hold ourselves above the fray and note the difficulties of others without participating ourselves. When we feel ourselves falling we can change direction if we remain AWARE.

Do not be fooled. 
Do not be complacent. 
Change is happening at an accelerated rate right now. Our free will allows us to do this the hard way or the less difficult way. I wouldn‘t say easy because we are so reluctant to let go
Follow your bliss: What makes you happy? What brings you joy? 
These are the markers of the soul, all else needs to be let go or modified. 

Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
Lancaster, PA 17554
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Gift of Frustration

We’ve all had those moments when we feel so frustrated. It can be quite obvious, or we may not even know what we are frustrated about. Frustration is your spirit’s way of letting you know that you are not being authentic to yourself. You may be doing what needs done, or fighting for survival, but when frustration becomes your primary emotion, maybe even your undercurrent, it’s time to step back.

Even when the frustrations are small, examine what you are doing and thinking. How are you not honoring your Self? Where is the disconnect? Are you agreeing to things just to keep the peace? Giving someone else credit where it is NOT due? Allowing someone to bully you into a corner? It can be subtle things, easily explained away. It might be big things that greatly affect you. Regardless of the size of the issue, the manipulation, the allowing, once frustration becomes present, your soul is crying out to be heard.

The gift of frustration is that it is a red flag, a signpost, a communication from our highest selves that we need to take a moment to consider what we are thinking, how we are behaving and why. It is one of our strongest self-defense mechanisms to preserve our authentic selves.

So the next time you feel that frustration creeping up on you, instead of setting it aside, give it a look. It just may be your soul letting you know that you are not being true to your Self. Frustration is a true gift indeed. 

Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
Lancaster, PA 17554
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