Monday, March 6, 2017

Feeling Frustrated, Angry or Sad? What Does it Mean?

Recently I have noticed an Undercurrent of anger and angst. It sits there with us throughout the day, sometimes barely beneath the surface. Our anger and angst is there to prompt us to action. The confusion comes when we are unsure of what action we are being guided towards.

When we remain conscious of this undercurrent of emotion we can choose our action instead of responding with a knee jerk reaction. We can also choose to acknowledge the impersonal nature of the emotions. When we don’t handle this energy in this way we tend to assign blame to someone or something outside ourselves. Maybe instead of asking ‘Why do I feel angry, anxious, sad?’ pose the question as ‘What is this emotion all about?’ or ‘What is this emotion trying to show me?’. When we ask ‘Why’ our psyches and the Universe conspire to support our belief. We will be given the answer to our question. These answers are valid on some level, but not useful. It is our decision whether to become lost in the rabbit hole of downward spiraling thought processes, or to release the core issue.

Let’s collectively and individually make the decision not to FEED this emotion. When we feed it by finding reasons to justify the way we are feeling, we merely strengthen and solidify the experience in our energetic field. We can be aware of the emotions without feeding them. Like a stray cat the anger may still be in the neighborhood, but it will no longer be yowling at your front door. You want to find its rightful place and return it, not adopt it.

When I say not to feed the angst, I am not advocating stuffing your emotions and ignoring it. But rather to acknowledge its impersonal nature by letting it be impersonal, by not assigning blame or giving it direction. These types of emotional reactions can be pivotal in your spiritual growth.

What is this emotion trying to show you? Remember: It is NOT personal. So you may think that it is about your argument with your boss, or something similarly specific, but it is not. That may just be the trigger, the indicator that there is something deeper, bigger that requires your attention. Is this energy reflected elsewhere, like a theme running through your life at the moment? Maybe it isn’t really about your boss; maybe the issue is value and respect. Do others value and respect you? Since the outer is a reflection of the inner; Do you value and respect yourself? Are you true to yourself? Are you living an authentic life, being and authentic version of you?

I feel that this undercurrent of angst is a global call for authenticity. A wake up call for all of us to awaken to who we are and who we are meant to be; Awaken to the tapestry of the Universe, God, the All That Is. We are pieces in a puzzle, threads in a tapestry, equally important, equally responsible.

It is not about continuing to feed the angst and anger, negativity and frustration, but breaking through it. Rising above it [the fear, anger, negativity and frustration] to discover…you, the authentic, whole being of YOU.

Who are you really? Not the roles that you play or masks that you wear, not your job, or your past, or your hometown. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish? It is time to climb out of the box you put yourself in and show us who you are at your core!


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Friday, January 27, 2017

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