Friday, June 17, 2016

Surfing the Dimensional Shift

You may have noticed a change around you. For some it is very subtle, for others it is very apparent. Either way, it is happening and creating anxiety or excitement, depending on how you choose to view it. Being aware of this energetic is essential to thriving through it.

Basically an ancient dimensional doorway has just opened and we are dealing with things that we haven't seen on this plane in millennium. It is affecting all the sensitives in a variety of ways, many in very subtle ways. But this can have big effects on the mentally ill and we need to become hyper sensitive to our own intuitive natures in order to navigate this shift safely. 

Feeling the Shift:

Anger can be sudden and explosive. Be AWARE as this may come from you or towards you.
Cleansing the Past ~  Repeat of old issues at a deeper level. This gives you the opportunity to respond more lovingly, to grow and expand past these issues.
Communication is key. Communication with Self and others including your Spirit and guides.
Awareness and heightening our discernment to outside influence using Psychic Self Defense.
Intensified emotions
Increased physical symptoms
This is about learning to consistently CHOOSE our path 

These energies that are hanging out are very difficult to pinpoint. They are ancient and may be seen as evil, or they can be viewed as potent transformational beings. The thing is that they pinpoint your weaknesses, find the cracks in your armor and utilize that to shift your energetic for good or for ill. The key is to realize when it is happening and CHOOSE how to move with the energy.  Once discovered these energetics/entities will back off or hide.

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  1. caught ya on lnm tonight, good post. I've tried to tell people about this for the past year or so...time is compressing, period. timelines are getting a bit tangled, good or bad it's happening so whatya do. Just understand.