Energy Healing

Do I Need Energy Healing? What is Energy Healing Anyway?

Everyone could use energy healing at some point.
What is energy healing and why should you take my word for it?

I am Geralyn St Joseph, a very sensitive intuitive who has an extensive history with energy healing. I have experienced energy healing in many forms. By my experience most energy healing is the same, at the very least, most forms of energy healing utilize the same form of energy. What you experience has more to do with the healer and much less to do with the healing modality many times. To have a good experience you need to find the right practitioner for you. Having an energy healer you are comfortable with, who is compassionate and caring is just as important as the modality they may use. That being said, there are certain forms of energy healing that target more specific energetic levels, or that have greater intensity than others. Confused yet?

For example, Reiki is currently probably the best known and most widely accepted form of energy healing in America. It is used to treat PTSD in some of our military, and in helping ease the suffering of cancer patients in some hospitals. Reiki is a good general healing modality. It works on the physical primarily; easing pain, supporting and accelerating healing. Reiki can be used regularly to maintain health and alleviate stress. On the other end of the spectrum there is Infinite Heart Healing developed by Shaman Christopher Ilo [] and performed by only a hand full of healers in the world. Infinite Heart Healing requires two or more practitioners who link their energetic fields to amplify the healing energy for the client. The experience with a modality like Infinite Heart Healing is much more intense than with most other healing methods for both the recipient of the energy healing and the healers.

You need to find the right energy healer for you. You need to be comfortable with the energy healer you choose as this allows your energetic field to open so that the energy healing can be effective. The energy healer should be willing to answer your questions openly and honestly. If they are defensive, it may be due to a lack of knowledge in their method, or possibly a lack of faith in their abilities. For energy to flow freely both of you need to be relaxed, at least mentally. On the other hand, if you get a 100% guarantee it isn't a good sign either, remember. not even a medical doctor will guarantee results.

An energy healer should be able to give you a reasonable idea if what to expect, both during and after the process. They should be able to clearly guide you through your part in the process. Most forms of energy healing will continue to affect you long after the healer has gone. The healing practitioner should be available for any follow up questions you may have. They need to direct you through this process. Most importantly, in energy healing, the healer acts as a conduit directing energy into you, YOU are responsible for your own healing.

Oh, and by the way, Don't take my word for it. Always question, always find out for yourself.

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Wholistic University
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