Monday, December 23, 2013

Are You Ready? For Massive Change - The Time is NOW

 2014—Are you ready???
For massive change
It’s here---our time is NOW.

2013 was a year full of challenges. I did not find it to be a particularly comfortable year. I have been confronted with some painful realities. Maybe you have too. What’s great about that is it gives you a starting point.

We all make mistakes at times and sometimes it’s not easy to get back up & start again.
While it may not be easy, it can start with something as simple as your breathing.

The next time you find yourself thinking in a less than useful way, take a minute to check in. Put your hand on your stomach just under your ribcage. Inhale from your diaphragm to a count of 3—you’ll feel your stomach expand under your hand. Once your belly fills then take more air into your lungs. Control the exhale for another count of 3. Once the air leaves your stomach, try to pull it in towards your spine. Expel all the air you can.  Do this a few more times and focus on the air filling your body. After that, use a 5 count inhale & exhale. Each time you breathe you’ll feel your belly expand a little more. Then go to a 10 count. You can take it to 15 or 20 too. The key is to control the inhale & exhale.

This simple practice accomplishes a few things. First of all, it will change the balance of your blood gasses which is incredibly useful when you are changing states. It will also put your focus on something sensory-based. It puts you “back in your body” and puts you in the “here and now”.

Whether you want to get rid of some habits that are no longer useful to you or work on a “performance state” or increase your success in your career or any other aspect of your life, the time is NOW.  

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Lancaster, PA
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