Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Road Trip across America!

Geralyn is off on another road trip! 
Time to schedule sessions - Readings, Energy Healing, Mini-Classes, Seminars and More!
Tentative schedule:
Grand Rapids, Michigan        July 20
Westerville, Ohio                   July 24
Kansas City, KS                       July 27
Colorado City, CO                  July 30
Loveland, CO                          Aug. 04
Bremerton, WA                      Aug. 08
Brainerd, MN                          Aug. 18
Clinton, IA                               Aug. 22
Chicago, Il                              Aug. 24

Contact me now! or 808 261-7866

Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
Lancaster, PA 17554
808 261-7866

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