Welcome to Wholistic University

Aloha and Welcome to Wholistic University
Wholistic University founder Geralyn St Joseph

Wholistic? Isn't that spelled wrong? Isn't it holistic? 
Here at Wholistic University we believe in educating and treating the whole person. Since whole, meaning complete, is spelled with a w, and hole, meaning an area where something is missing, is spelled without, we went with Wholistic. We want to assist you in your spiritual journey to wholeness.

Feel free to read our articles and submit your own if you have an expertise. Wholistic University is a place to learn, grow and find authentic practitioners.

Also you will find links to podcasts and live Internet shows where you can find Success Integration Coach Syd Vitale and Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph as they discuss a variety of topics on Blog Talk Radio.

Listen to internet radio with Love Relationships with Syd Ger on Blog Talk Radio

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Wholistic University
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