Practices for Spiritual Development

This page includes audio files and descriptions of various practices for Spiritual development. These practices include meditation, visualization, prayer and more. We are ever growing, so check back often!

White Light Meditation

What it is, What it does and How to use it

                I, Geralyn St Joseph, use the White Light Meditation as a foundation for the majority of my work. This is a simple, yet powerful tool for transformation. The White Light we speak of is the pure, unconditional Love that is the Source, or God. It is the energy of the Holy Spirit. It is the Universal energy that comprises all that exists. It is accessible to everyone regardless of belief system.
                This Universal Energy consists of the entire spectrum of color, like the light of the sun. We use different colors for different purposes. White light, containing all colors, can be used for any of these practices. Whatever vibration we may need is within this light. Adding any other color to this process simply intensifies the vibration. I also will begin and end various meditations, visualizations and readings using the white light to ensure positive, clear energy.
                White Light Meditation V1 is used to help you to clear your aura [and space if wanted], balance your chakras and strengthen your aura to protect you from negativity. This meditation is also used to ‘pull energy’ or help you to replenish your life force.
                You may immediately sense this energy in and around you, or you may have a visual sense of it. You may feel it as a tingling sensation, goose bumps or heat. You may simply visualize the White Light and not feel it at all. However you experience it is fine. There is no ‘wrong’ way and no absolute ‘right’ way to do this meditation.
                You may sit in the White Light for a few minutes, or an hour, it is up to you. Once you have completed the process you will feel more relaxed, more energized and lighter. I am confident that this simple, divine practice will help you in your quest. Blessings!

Chakkra Clearing Meditation

Clearing and Aligning the Chakras

You do not need to be a chakra expert for this meditation to be useful.

Using a chakra clearing meditation helps you to maintain clarity and strength. Each chakra, or energy center, has its own domain. Our chakras help to keep us balanced on every level, from physical, through emotional to Spiritual.

**This meditation is low. the regular speaking is normal, but you may want to turn up the volume on the actual meditation. **

Pulling Energetic Cords

     Energetic cords are created with every interaction and experience. Most cords simply dissolve over time, especially if the interaction was incidental. However, when we have more meaningful relationships, especially those that last over time, more solid cords develop. Cords exist to connect us with others. When they are healthy, the energy exchanged is balanced and even. Unhealthy cords take more than they give or vice versa. When we pull cords we reset this energetic exchange or we can choose to stop the energy flow with that individual altogether.
The following recording helps with this process. It can be done as a meditation, or as a visualization.

Cleansing and Programming Crystals and Gemstones

In the world of metaphysics, crystals and gemstones are seen as powerful tools. They can be used for healing, communication and protection to name a few. Although many people know that these precious stones have a variety of uses, few know how to activate this power and keep it clean. You can have a piece of jewelry for decades and never 'wake it up'.

There are a myriad of ways to cleanse your stones. I will tell you how I prefer to cleanse and program my stones. You can do what is best for you, and for your stones. What works well for one stone may not be optimal for another. To learn about other methods click here.


  1. Thank you, Geralyn. Your soothing voice helped me to overcome my own and I was actually able to relax and center. Amazing - I thank you again.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Please pass on the info by referring others to this page. Blessings!