Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Cleaning for the Month of May~ Pulling Energetic Cords Session

Don’t Take Your Baggage! Let It GO!
Pull Cords with Whatever / Whoever 
is holding you back

Move forward free of encumbrances, let go of whatever is holding you back. It’s time for something new!

          ~ Feel lighter and more confident
          ~ Experience better communication with the people around you
          ~ ‘Reset’ difficult relationships to be less reactive
          ~ Enjoy more energy

Take note of your physical responses to different subjects and situations – What are you reactive to? This could mean anything from an anxiety attack to a deep sigh to a big smile. Why are you reactive to that particular stimulus? What memory, emotion or energy cord is attached?

Whether it is simple to figure these things out or not, we can begin the healing process by using a technique called pulling [or cutting] cords. Every person we deal with, every situation that affects us develops an energy cord to us. This can be draining or reciprocal. In pulling cords we stop the energy drain. We reset the cords with our loved ones for better communication and understanding.

Regularly $180 For a Limited Time Only $99 

Contact Geralyn at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com to schedule your session. Sessions are done over the phone, via SKYPE or in-person if she's in your area.

Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
Lancaster, PA 17554
808 261-7866